Role-playing and me (set to the tune of My Buddy)!


The first thought that many people have when they think of “role-playing” is a bunch of greasy nerds dwelling in a basement on a lonely Friday night. How much that has changed in the 20 years that I have been playing! I love every aspect of playing role-playing games. The talk at the table, the sound of the dice, the near misses and critical fails. It all fills me with a sense of wonder, even after all these years. So this is the obligatory first post on a blog telling you all about my pathetic love affair with RPGs. Well, forget it! I ain’t gonna do it.

I do love RPGs to the end of the earth. They have earned me friends that have lasted years as well as enemies that I would rather forget. I have had some wonderful conversations and cross-talk with my fellow gamers and I have had shouting matches with people who were not friendly with me. So why do I role-play. The simple answer is that it is fun! Not everything that happens is fun. Having it out with someone at the table sucks to be frank. So does telling someone that you don’t have room for them at your table (or being that person to receive that news). But I try not to think about those things. I try to focus on the good times we have had.

Some of the most memorable things to me have been around the table. We have had some things said that can’t be said in polite conversations. Heck, we have had games where the whole session turned into one dirty pun. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t forge memories from that. My goal is to continue telling those stories and giving advice (even when you don’t want it!) to those who ask.

I ascribe to a philosophy that says that I “role-play” so that I can live thousands of lives rather than the one boring one that is here typing this at 2240 at night. Long live RPGs! Long live the friendships that the harbor and the fun that can be had at the table. Keep it cool and remember that you dictate how much fun you have!


2 thoughts on “Role-playing and me (set to the tune of My Buddy)!

  1. Hi, i really enjoy your post.
    i love role playing games too.
    do you have an email?
    hope we can talk about games soon
    see you

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