New games and the group!? How to bring in a new game properly.



So many people wonder how do I bring in a new game that I found out about. Well that is a good question, one that really doesn’t have a solid answer. My best answer is just show up with it and pound the table about it until people show interest. That, alas, rarely works, trust me. The real answer is tri-fold. 

First and foremost you should always ensure that the game is going to fit into what the group really wants. Do they hate space opera? Well, then don’t try to get them to play Traveller. Common sense people. What really sets this point apart from the other two though is that it is the one that has the most impact. The other two points only fall into place if the group is interested in the source material from the word “go”. If the group doesn’t have an interest then you are D.O.A. Period, end of discussion. You are done for. Worry not though! You can often change the minds of people with whom you game, if you are willing to put in the time and energy. Bottom line though is that it is easier to take the path of least resistance and find games that you know will see time at your tables, rather than try to force something to happen.


Second you should try to make sure you don’t just want to play, but are willing to wear the GM hat. If you aren’t willing to run the game then it probably shouldn’t be on your group’s to play list. It isn’t fair to expect someone else to run the game just because you think it would be cool to play in a game! Sometimes you have to bite the bullet. This is an excellent way to introduce a game that the group may not be excited about. If you are willing to run it then they may say “I will be willing to give it a try”. 


Last, don’t forget that you are showing them something that they have never played/heard of before. Keep it simple when introducing it! Don’t get bogged down in the mechanics or fluff. Give the group the information that will peak their interest. Do that and then you can get into discussions of rules or fluff (or if you are playing a Fantasy Flight game, specialty dice). 


Do these things and your group will come to the table to play new things. They may even get excited about it. Run it down simply and show incentive. Be ready to run the game so that others can see how it works. Have fun most of all. 




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