Of Owlbears and Men



So, I have had a great rules discussion with another of my compadres in a Skype chat. This time, again, it revolved around if you could make a rules heavy system more story-telling vs “roll”-playing. This is an age-old argument. I don’t think that you can make a crunchy system a great RP system, no matter how hard you try. While he did leave me with some things to think about, I still doubt that numbers heavy games such as Dungeons and Dragons 3.x/4e can be forced to be a great RP game. There is too much number crunching. When it comes time to diplomacy the players are way too quick to grab dice. Compare that with systems like SIFRP. They discourage grabbing dice until you absolutely have to. That is how you should do it. Good RP systems have become to far and few between. I have to know your thoughts. Can you make a numbers heavy game into a good RP system?


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