Thoughts on playing different games


So I have been playing a plethora of new games lately and I love it! In the last month I have played Werewolf: The Forsaken, Deadlands, Song of Ice and Fire RP, 7th Sea, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, D&D 4e just to name a few. This has thrown the idea that playing many different games at once is still an awesome idea. It never gets boring or repetitive for sure. The cool thing is that our group is just as excited to play new games as I am. We even have set aside a day during the week to do one-shot games. I have two different one-shots lined up in the next month, one being DCC RPG and the other being the Leverage RPG.   

The question is why do we try new games instead of just sticking to the games we know already? Simple, we enjoy the experience and we love to see what is out there. If I didn’t have this spirit of adventure where would I be in gaming? Stuck in a situation trying to find players for the same game over and over again, that is where. The excitement that players have when we sit down for a new game is so much fun it makes me excited for the change as well. I love seeing and hearing how much fun everyone is having with the new system. 

That being said, everyone should try new stuff. You don’t have to create whole campaigns out of nothing to enjoy new things. Try a couple of one-shots. Have fun creating PCs with the games. Keep looking up and out. Watch for new games that catch your fancy. Most of all, have fun and keep rolling those dice. 


One thought on “Thoughts on playing different games

  1. I get bored of the same thing most simply. I like to try new things, play around with new ideas, settings, worlds. I like to be challenged to try and adapt to those places. It’s refreshing that I might have got a piece of Shadowrun off the ground at last. It should be interesting and more than a little frightening.

    That and it seems that I’ve completely rewritten the campaign in my mind. That’s not helping.

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