Edition Wars: Let the Flaming Begin

Okay gentlemen and ladies, start the flamethrowers. We are going to discuss the fruitlessness of edition wars!

The uninitiated will ask, what is an edition war? An edition war is a “war” between players of an RPG line, often between different editions or releases of the game. Okay, now that we have that out of the way (and all longtime RPG players feel stupid for having to read it), we can move on to how useless these wars are. For God’s sake, please understand that they are stupid. 

First and foremost, I have played every edition of Dungeons and Dragons. That includes oD&D up through 4th (I have read the Next playtest and look forward to the Core Rulebooks). I have no problems with any edition of D&D, no matter what others may say. If I want to play a hack-n-slash game, then 4th it is. If I want a game that is more RP than combat I tend to play/run 2e. Got that out of the way. 

Okay, so what makes the edition wars stupid in my opinion? Simple, they are a waste of time. I have yet to meet someone who has an issue with an edition and changed another player’s mind. I mean ever. I have read hours of “reviews” (see my last post) on how evil and worthless 4e is. Don’t care what they think. The game has it’s own charm to me, and their bashing it won’t change my mind. On the other hand fanboys will never make me love a game. I have heard so many people attempt to get me to absolutely fall in love with 4e over every other edition. Doesn’t work either.

Don’t get me wrong, people are totally entitled to whatever they want to think. If you think that Satan wrote 4e and wants to steal your soul through playing it, fine. That is YOUR opinion of the game. I have played in a couple of medium length campaigns and loved both of them. My bladesinger in the last game I was in was my baby.

Edition wars do nothing other than allow people to bitch about things they don’t like. I don’t like Bunnies and Burrows and FATAL. I am not gonna harp on you about it. (Disclaimer, I might fuck you up if you legitimately like FATAL. It proves you are not human and deserve to be destroyed). What I will do is pry to see what makes you hate the game so much. Sometimes the complaints are legit. Sometimes (more often than not) the people moaning about how bad “X Edition” of “Y game” is are just doing it because they have read a bad review. I know too many players that have never played a game but can tell me all about how terrible it is.

All in all, my opinion is that you should try anything before you judge it. Reviews (again see last post)   can be plagued with confirmation bias, one way or the other. I hate that mentality. It is like looking at a car from the outside and deciding that it isn’t worth the money. Seriously. 

So, how do you feel about the “edition wars” and the blasting that you take if you like a particular system? 


One thought on “Edition Wars: Let the Flaming Begin

  1. I’m with you. They’re pointless and only serve to stir up ill will between players, something the hobby doesn’t really need. If a player likes Edition X better than Editions Y and Z but other players like those and not X, they should move on and find a game they all like.

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