A break from Gaming and onto books!

Sword of Shannara Trilogy


Am I the only nerd who loved these books as a kid? I mean I still do love them, but what about you guys? Okay, since I am not alone in loving the Shannara books, then everyone who isn’t aware they are doing a live-action series based on them. They just put the order in for The Elfstones of Shannara! 

Enough fanboy gushing here. I love fantasy and sci-fi books. I have read them since I was a kid. In fact, I started my love affair of fantasy with Narnia way back when. One of my first forays into fantasy that wasn’t with a “classic” author was the Redwall series. I own sixteen of those books. My first Dungeons and Dragons novel was “Dragons of Autumn Twilight” by Weis and Hickman. I read everything I can now. I have done the due diligence of at least starting Song of Ice and Fire and Wheel of TIme. Both series are awesome, just haven’t finished them yet. 

So, all of this makes me think about how much I would love to see a live-action version of many of my favorite books (we won’t talk about the abortion that was Dresden Files, got it!?). How cool would a live-action version of Dragonlance be? How about a live-action version of say, the Legend of Drizzt? Okay, so I am showing my inner fanboy here. The news about Shannara made me think about how cool some books are. It made me think that those same books would be awesome as TV Series or Movies. 

What books do you love? What books do you want to see a series made for? Come on people, give me some love!


Legend of Drizzt



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