Opinions and Social Commentary

serious cat


Guys and gals, my last post was not intended to be some form of social commentary. It was my take on an issue that I have in the gaming community. Many people who have commented on the post have attributed intentions to me that are neither implied or intended. That pisses me off. After the initial shock of being told what I mean when I post something though I see what happened. 

Many gamers have strong opinions on many different issues. We are, after all, people at heart. We live normal lives outside of the game table (or most of us do). The issue I have is that if you have a serious issue with something someone (in this case me) says, walk on by. Don’t turn the conversation into a bitch fest. If you must say something, do it in private. If I say something that offends you so much, that is the appropriate response. 

Last, don’t give me credit for saying or intending things that I don’t say or intend. I say exactly what I want, or attempt to anyways. My intentions are normally pretty clear. If you must infer something that is not actually there, keep it to yourself. I hate being told what I think. 

All in all guys (and gals) have fun! I post these so you can keep up with some thoughts I have on gaming. If you don’t like my post then don’t read ’em. After all, that is the core of being yourself, deciding what you like and dislike. Now, let’s get back to gaming damnit!


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