Living on the Fringe, Star Wars gaming

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So I ran my first session of Edge of the Empire tonight (I am running the module “Beyond the Rim”) and I have to say I am having a blast. I have played in a few games myself and love the system but wanted to wait to comment on it until I had a chance to run the game. I am impressed. The rules engine works like a charm and it is easy enough to figure out the rules. That may be hard to swallow since both games core rules are over 440 pages, but it all comes out in the wash. The game system, if you don’t know, uses custom dice. This is a plus to the game! Many gamers will not like that, but in this case it helps.

For simplicity’s sake I am going to assume that everyone has either played the game or read a review. That will save me so much time explaining the dice and what they mean. If you need more info on the dice go and read Okay, now that it is out of the way I wanted to talk about how cool I feel this game is. The dice are narrative, they tell a story. You can succeed on a task and still something ominous can still happen and vice versa. Example, we had someone fail a roll to overcome his addiction to gambling as he saw a casino. He failed the roll, but he also generated threat (which is bad juju). He wound up knocking over his partner and rushing into the casino to waste all the credits that had been fronted to him by the Twi’lek who hired the crew. 

This game is fun, innovative and simply amazing. If you have a chance to play it, do so. It makes me think of d6, without all the math. Okay, so d6 didn’t have that much math, but still! The game is deep, without drawing on too much of the canon material. You are not likely to run into Han Solo or Leia, but they are part of the fluff. Depending on which game you run (Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion) will determine what fluff is important. Edge of the Empire is all about being the anti-hero, Han Solo type. Age of Rebellion is just what it sounds like. Play yourself that Rebel Ace! 

There is lots of good in this game line and I hope it survives for a long time. I mean like WEG Star Wars long time. Have any of you played or read the rules for these games? What was your take? Did you like or hate it? Why? Give me some Star Wars love people!



One thought on “Living on the Fringe, Star Wars gaming

  1. I’ve played and run the Edge of Empire demo adventures and am getting ready to run the Age of Rebellion beginner scenario.

    I agree that the dice mechanic is very resourceful, providing the GM and players with much more than a succeed/fail result. It requires a bit more narrative ability than beginner players may be familiar (or comfortable) with. While running the EotE beginner adventure, I had newbie players (as in never roleplayed before) stumped when presented with an Advantage, and the material didn’t give a lot of guidance on how to handle that. I noticed the AoR is a little better in that regard.

    One aspect of the system that’s close to a deal-breaker for me, though, is character generation. Classes and XP-fueled talent trees feel like such a throwback to first-generation game design. It’s like being shown a sleek futuristic sports car that has all these fancy features then noticing it has a hand-crank starter. The Star Wars universe is too rich a setting to populate with cookie-cutter characters focused on getting XP for the next goodie.

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