When you bore of a game



What does one do when you bore of a game? If you are like me you express it. People will know that I am bored, damnit! But what if you bore to the point that you no longer want to mess with a game? That is a harder question to answer. I tend to avoid them like a plague. I haven’t played in a game of 3.x in a long time, probably over a year. I am just tired of it. When you start to look for a group and you can’t find anything else, you get bored. I love Dungeons and Dragons (in fact I am excited about the new PHB, which will arrive on Tuesday!), the only problem is that I love it enough to know when I have had too much.

I tend to try to find more esoteric games. Things like Leverage, Iron Kingdoms, Mekton Z or Star Trek. I do this because it decreases the chances that I will get bored of a game. I fell in love with the new Star Wars from Fantasy Flight. One of the best new games I have played in a while. Hope that I don’t reach fatigue with it. One of the coolest games on the market to me is Numenera. One problem, no one runs campaigns of it! Since I wear the GM hat twice a week I would like to find some games to play. So what are some signs that you MAY be becoming bored with a game? Here are three signs that I experience:

1. You start to feel the squeeze. You lose interest at the table and begin to look into new things. The things that attracted you to the game feel dull and boring in themselves.

2. You start to look into running your own games. You spend more hours at the table thinking about a new game you want to run than actually enjoying the one you are in. Sometimes this can be coupled with the GMs itch, so it has to come coupled with other signs.

3. You leave games that you have been in for a while. Even though you may have been in the same group for five years. The same campaign for two. You suddenly, and sometimes without warning, just leave. You don’t break contact, but you just don’t want to play anymore.


So what kind of signs do you experience when you feel fatigued with a game? How do you deal with it? 


2 thoughts on “When you bore of a game

  1. I guess for me it’s the players at the end of the day. I don’t mind all of the work that goes in, I’m equal parts, DM, designer and writer. It’s never wasted, all of the research I do gets shared between projects as it is. Even weird things like naval warfare theory. Even the projects themselves cross over. I’ve got an idea for a story based on my last role playing character, a certain red headed elven knight, who isn’t exactly shy about using the pointy end of her sword, nor taking a few hits, if she’s in armour. Not to mention, fights really dirty. .

    If the players, either around me or at the table just seem to be….. skating along, pissing into a bush fire, I get the feeling of wasting my time, I will say so. Not only will I say so, I will try to get it up to the level it needs to be at. Especially if things like dragons, beholders and demigods are involved.

    My current fantasy group is in for a real wake up, I’m going to put a major warning shot over their bow. They had a major party up the night before a session, It’s been a regular fortnightly game for near three months. That’s not what I call good manners, preparation. I don’t think I ask for too much either, just a little bit of preparation, thought and a touch of patience as the story unfolds.

    That and the odd bribe of caffeine.

  2. Sometimes we get bored when the PCs cannot advance, or they seem to be ineffective at anything they do, in spite of their great skill levels and fabulous die rolls. I don’t expect PCs to be on par with the most powerful beings from the start, but they should be able to make a difference, otherwise, what’s the point?
    Sometimes, it’s time to shut the box on the campaign, have a talk and play something else.

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