5e is Here!

Players Handbook

Okay gang. The time has come, I can review the Player’s Handbook for 5th! Upon opening it, it is gorgeous. Great artwork and nicely laid out. It opens up with a good intro to Dungeons and Dragons, and roleplaying in general. The book is divided into three parts. The first part is Creating a Character. It covers everything you need to know to make a character, from basics in Chapter 1 to Customization options in Chapter 6. 

The races are nice. They are well fleshed out and seem to be balanced well. I chose to go with a Gnome for my first character. You also get to choose a subrace. Most races have two subraces. I chose Rock Gnome for mine. Each race gets a bonus to one score (Gnomes get +2 to Intelligence) and the subrace gave me another (+1 to Dexterity). You also get your racial abilities. Gnomes always get advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma saving throws. 

Classes are amazing as well. Again, they ditched the 4e feel and went back to old school feel. Not sure that the classes are balanced, per se. I do know that the Wizard is really cool. Choose a few items, pick your cantrips and 1st level spells and boom, you have a starting Wizard. You also gain Arcane Recovery (you can regain a number of spell slots equal to 1/2 your Level when you take a short rest). You also get to choose two skills to be proficient with. 

Alignments are back to normal as well (thank you!). You also have to choose a Background. Backgrounds are awesome. I chose to go with a Sage. You gain additional equipment, languages and proficiency with skills.  You also gain traits from your background. They are personality trait, ideals, bonds and flaws. You can either choose them or (like me) randomly roll them on charts. You can also randomly create your height and weight. 

Everything else is really simple. Part 2 deals with the rules (more on those when I get a chance to read all of them!) and Spellcasting (again, need to read all the stuff on it!). Below is a sample PC for you to gaze at:

Seebo Folkor

Let’s give some love to 5e! 


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