Setting Up a Convention Scenario



Setting up a convention scenario is often different from one you run with your friends (or at least in my experience). You are putting yourself out to a group of people you know nothing about and vice-a-versa. Most times the people who game in your scenarios at conventions are one off friends. They come and enjoy the four hours you spend together but after that they are back to their real friends. So how do I set up a con scenario? I use a three prong approach. I know that this is going to be different from others. It may also share some similarities with some of you. Here are my three things that I do:


1. I try to make my scenarios as if my friends were going to be playing them. I want the session to feel just like one that I would run on a given Friday night. This includes making sure that other players feel like they enjoy the game enough to play in another of my games. I push for perfection, even if it is not obtainable.

2. Playtest, Playtest, Playtest! I run the scenario many times with players that I know and that know me. They are often the harshest critics. They will tell me what works, what doesn’t work and how to fix what is broke. I never want to show up to a con with a scenario that has not been playtested at least once.

3. Have everything in place before hand. This includes full character sheets for the pre-gens, maps, minis and even pencils and extra paper. I don’t ever want to get caught with my pants down. The players that play will feel like you are a professional. I always want to be viewed as a professional.

How do you prep for a con scenario? Do you do more or less than what I have outlined above? What kind of games do you like for your con scenarios? Let me know!


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