My favorite Enemy



So, I was reading about the “screw you” monsters in D&D and I thought, “Why the hell is the dracolich not on here?”. I mean there are liches and then there are demi-liches, but no one talks about the dracolich. I can cause more damage with one of them than I can with the Tarrasque. You want to strike fear into the heart of any adventurer, throw a high level dracolich at them. Anyhow, this post is a list of my favorite enemies. The top ten are:


1. Dracolich: So much fun can be had with one of these. It is the best of two worlds, undead and a dragon! You can cause so much fear with just one of these things that it is often all that is needed to get either a TPK or a party to run for their lives.

2. Drow: I know they are cliched but I still love them.  I managed to knock out an entire party and kidnap them with a horde of these. Nothing says great adversary than a bunch of elves that can knock you out and kidnap you.

3. Shadow Dragon: Another oldie but goodie. They got hit with the nerf-stick in later editions, but in 2e they could manhandle an entire party. Even on the failed save you lose 1/2 your current HD and a failed was 3/4. Do I need to say more?

4. Bugbears: I use these for low level parties. Goblin smashing is so last year! I mean that, in all seriousness. I got tired of killing kobolds and goblins, so thus my use of Bugbears.

5. Mind Flayers: These are so much fun that I couldn’t leave them off of my list. They are smart and dangerous (much like dragons). I use these when my party gets to a point that the only thing that can stop them is high level psionics.

6. Gnolls: Another of my favorites for low to mid-level parties. They can be grouped into hordes and cause all kinds of issues.

7. Undead: I am not picky! The undead make fun adversaries over the long haul. They often are linked to a powerful sorcerer or wizard. They can be used from 1st to 20th level with little to no problem.

8. Dragons: Another group on the list. Dragons can do anything they want, especially in older age categories.

9. Frost Giants: Giants in general are nasty, but since I find myself running a lot in the Dalelands I use these goodies. They cause butt-tons of damage and are also hard to kill.

10. Humans: Why not the oldest trick in the book. I can make a human adversary that rivals any monster in the book. Keep it simple and you can throw massive curveballs at the PCs.


So what are some of your favorite monsters to use? Why? Let me know! 


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