Gaming in a Video Game World


How does one game in a world dominated by video games? Good question! If you are like me you just like the interaction more, but that is not always the case. Some people would rather rot their eyes out with hours of playing games like Skyrim or Call of Duty (yuk!). How do I draw those people to my tables? Three steps that I take, and I hope you can use:

1. I try to game in a world that they find interesting. Often times this is a licensed game world such as Star Wars or Warhammer. I find that this eases the transition between the digital world and the tabletop world. If they are already comfortable with the lore and the background then it is easier to find games that they will try.

2. I try to keep my sessions short enough to get them involved without being long enough to bore them to tears. This is a light touch thing. Too short of a session and they may not get the chance to roll the dice or experience the game. Too long and they will lose interest.

3. I try to get their feedback once we are done. I want them to feel like they have a voice in whatever way the game is going. Again, they should feel more involved and be more likely to return.

How do you bring in video gamers into your games? What tips and tricks can you use? Help out a fellow GM!


One thought on “Gaming in a Video Game World

  1. Video game settings! One of the first few campaigns I played in was set in the world of LoZ: Wind Waker. The combination of exploration and dungeoneering found in Zelda games makes them ripe for conversion to D&D/PF. When I tried to run a similar game myself about a year later, though, I ended up making sweeping changes to the setting in an attempt to make it more internally consistent.

    Another group an aspiring GM might be able to tap for players are CCG players. Magic: The Gathering (which controls most of the CCG marke in the US) has several fleshed out worlds that would make for interesting campaign settings.

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