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digital tabletop

I will admit that I run mostly Virtual Table Top (VTT) games. I have run a number of face-to-face games as well, but I am not mostly digital. There are a good amount of good things about VTT and a fair number of bad things. Overall, I love VTT! I can get games together without having to worry about things like having enough gas to go somewhere, or having to worry about feeding groups of people. I can also game with people I would otherwise never game with. With that being said there are still cons. The below is a list of pros and cons that are involved in VTT:


1. Easy to gather gamers together. I find it easier to get people to commit to a weekly game through a program such as Roll20 or Maptool than it is to find a IRL game. There are less strings attached to the VTT and it makes players more accessible.

2. Easier access to materials such as maps, minis and handouts. The VTT programs have made it easier by far to give access to this information. Slap a map down in Roll20 and it is done. You never have to worry about it again, as long as you don’t delete it! Same thing with minis and handouts. Most VTT programs have an organizational subset to handle these things.

3. Wider range of players. I have played with people from all across the world, literally. I have played with Danes, Germans, Brits and even Aussies. The VTT allows you to play with people who otherwise would not be available to you.


1. Need multiple programs to do both VTT and voice. No matter if you are using Google Hangouts or Skype, you need another program if you hope to host the game with voice! The VTT programs often do not have these preinstalled.

2. Flaky players. I have had a bad run of players that are flaky. Without all the strings attached someone can just bail on an online game and never look back. This is often more difficult if you are playing Face-to-Face.

3. Computer Issues. This is one of the biggest hangups that I have. If you have an issue with your internet or your box, then BAM! It can cost you weeks of gameplay, either as the GM or the player.

What kind of pros and cons have you found when using VTT?


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