X-Wing Miniatures


I know I am not big on reviews, but this game deserves a small amount of treatment. I played in my first tournament this weekend (I got trounced) and had a blast. The game is easy to pick up, fun to play and an excellent addition to the Star Wars gaming world. In fact, this is one of the best Star Wars licensed properties that I have messed with in a while. The other cool thing is that it only cost me around $150 USD to get started. Can’t beat that with a stick! As for actual play, it uses custom dice (which come with the starter set) and movement templates (again, pick up the starter). It is really simple, you roll a number of dice equal to your attack stat (typically 3-5 dice) against your opponents roll of his agility (typically 3-4). You have three types of icons on attack dice: hit, critical hit and focus. The defender has evade and focus. All of the dice are d8s. You also take actions based on what ship you are using. The TIE fighter for example can focus and evade. If you focus you can turn all of your focus icons into either hits or evades (depending on if you are attacking or defending). Evade allows you to automatically gain an evade on any attack.

On top of the amazing play, the minis themselves are really good. They are actually awesome! There are minis for a ton of of ships. There are YT-1300s, Firesprays and TIE Fighters along with Interceptors, X-Wings and Y-wings. There are also (at least there is going to be) three factions. There is the Empire, the Rebels and the new Scum and Villainy.

The tactics is the biggest part of the game.You have to out-think your opponents. I found out that you want more ships rather than just high pilot skill ones. I ran with three ships, it wound up making me easy to destroy.

Overall this game is amazing, and anyone who loves miniature games should fall in love with this one. It is a must for serious Star Wars fans too! Tell me what you think of it! Did you enjoy it or are you intrigued by it?


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