Science Fiction Gaming


I recently read an article about gaming and the author stated that “not that many people like Sci-Fi”. Well, I for one am going to dispute that! Sci-Fi gaming is some of the coolest gaming that I have ever done, and will more than likely ever do. Star Wars, Alternity, Alpha Omega, Traveller  are among the best science-fiction games out there and I wouldn’t trade them for any session of D&D. Don’t get me wrong, D&D has it’s place in my gaming world, but I try to find time for other types of games.

I am going to give you three reasons why I think Sci-Fi gaming is just as viable as any other form:

  1. Science-Fiction is almost as old as fantasy. Traveller itself is almost as old as Dungeons and Dragons. There have been people playing in the world of the far-future Space Opera for many, many years. Think Star Wars (came out a measly three years after D&D hit the market).
  2. There is endless adventure in the world of Sci-Fi. Intrigue, exploration and straight-up shoot-outs are all types of adventuring that you can do in the far future.
  3. There is plenty of source material for it. This is an extension of the first point, but it is still true. The worlds that have been developed for Star Wars, Traveller and the ilk are deep and immersive.

So, what do you think? Is Sci-Fi gaming as viable as fantasy gaming? Did I miss a point? Let me know, and as always don’t be a dick!


One thought on “Science Fiction Gaming

  1. I think that science fiction role playing has a much wider field than fantasy ever will. It can touch on many subjects and can do it very organically.

    That’s not to say it needs interstellar travel or an entire galaxy. Elements of cyberpunk have gone into realms of science fiction. Elements of transhumanist systems well and truly fall into science fiction. If not for science fiction, we may not have cyberpunk, transhuman genres, sub-genres.

    I have to say that it is my preferred genre, field. Right now I have a number of campaigns ready for running, all of them based in this genre. From Babylon 5 Vengeance, through a version of the Norse Nine Realms, just in space. Even a Star Wars campaign as well as one that’s very much on the lighter end of science fiction, but just as much a cyberpunk piece.

    Perhaps it’s greatest weakness is the fact that no matter how you sell it, no matter how much work you put into it, it is just that much harder for players to understand and get into. Fantasy, it’s easy, elves, dwarves, trolls and orcs. Everything is obvious, if you can’t work it out it must be magic. Science fiction places a lot more on you, that if you can’t work it out, you need to find someone to explain it. Somehow that leap that magic and technology are not too different is just too hard to make for some. Not to call them bad players, but they would players who simpy can’t adapt to my to the genre.

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