Okay guys, I keep reading list on the internet about the “10 best D&D modules” when what they mean is the top ten modules they love! So without further ado here are my favorite 10 modules:


10.) Queen of the Demonweb Pits: The original module that introduce Lloth? Yes, please! This is also the first glimpse into the Abyss and the demons that live there. You enter the Abyss by going through a portal at the end of Vault of the Drow and have to find your way out. There is so much that makes this module great that I can’t contain it in a few sentences.


9.) Ravenloft: The original module that spawned the 2e Setting. Hickman proved that he was a master module designer with this module, which is still beloved by players of all editions (it has been translated to both 2 and 3.x). Strahd was the best bad guy in a long time, and still stands as a symbol of gothic horror!


8.) Paladin in Hell: This is a good classic Cook module. It is high level and takes the players through the levels of the nine hells, in search of a fallen paladin. It is a great crawl mixed with good amounts of research and skill use. It stands out as a testament to how great of a writer that Cook really is (also reference Dead Gods!).


7.) Tomb of Horrors: The all-time classic killer dungeon. This game is fun for players and DMs alike, even though it has a high mortality rate! It was written by Gygax as a tournament scenario but has been played all over the world since! Can’t go wrong if you are looking for something that is challenging.


6.) Council of Wyrms: Okay, where to begin? Maybe with the fact that you get to play fucking dragons!? Yeah, this is the module that set up the whole concept of playing dragon PCs. Before this they were only adversaries and dangerous ones at that. This module was written by Slavicsek and is a very good example of his design genius.


5.) Against the Giants: Not one adventure but rather a linked set of three. It sets you up against the classic evil giants in D&D: hill, fire and frost. It is another of Gygax’s creations, but it is also one of the more loved link adventure series in early D&D. It has been reprinted along with the original 1e corebooks.


4.) Keep on the Borderlands: A great introduction to D&D. In fact this was designed by Gygax as THE entry level adventure for Basic set. It is a classic dungeon crawl and sets up players by introducing them to all of the needed rules to play. Another one that has been updated and reprinted multiple times.


3.) The Ruins of Undermountain: A classic dungeon crawl that features some of the deadliest parts of any module short of Tomb. Undermountain is one of the most sought after 2e boxed sets from the Realms. It is a lot of fun but also features lots of traps, monsters and twists. A classic!

Menzo Box Set

2.) Menzoberranzan: Menzoberranzan, the famed city of the Drow, is finally explored. The adventure that comes in this boxed set is amazing and was the basis for the 3e module City of the Spider Queen, along with Queen of the Spiders. It was the definitive source for the city for almost all of 2e, and was later supplemented by Dritzzt Do’Urdens Guide to the Underdark.


1.) Dragons of Despair: Another great example of Hickman’s work, this time with Weis. It is the first of the adventures that would make up the Dragonlance Chronicles series of novels and ends with the most epic ending ever! The death of a party member, and them resurrecting, bringing the news of the return of the Gods. How can you go wrong with that?

Those are my favorite modules, what are some of yours? Did I do D&D right or am I totally wrong? I value your input, but don’t be a dick!


5 thoughts on “The proper title: MY TOP TEN FAVORITE MODULES

  1. JD,

    All three of those are amazing modules as well! Temple is prolly 11 for me and you could almost throw Vault in with Demonweb pits. Whiteplume, I actually have never had the pleasure of playing.

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