Social Justice and Decay


Guys, I don’t know or care if you are on board with this post. This is a vent post rather than an informative post. I am getting tired of reading my Facebook feed and seeing social justice bullshit all over it. I am especially getting tired of it in my Star Wars, Star Trek, B5, RPG and Board Gaming feeds. These are things I once loved and am now no longer able to enjoy because they have become synonymous with social justice. Who gives a fuck if Jabba the Hutt turned Leia into a sex slave? He was a rather repulsive crime lord, after all. Do we really need articles about how to use that to teach our 5 year olds about “feminism” (whatever the hell that term means)? I don’t care if some state passes a law that people think is “anti-gay”, at least not from a business perspective. That is up to the state legislature and the people of that state. I am not going to jump into that fray as a business entity (unlike a particular gaming convention). If I find myself doing business with a bigot, I am going to distance myself. It won’t be because I am taking a stand for or against anything, I just don’t like bigots. This BS that SJWs are bringing into everything is getting old. Stop trying to make everything political. Maybe something is the way it is for story purposes or for purposes beyond outside reasoning. Maybe the main characters in a game are all white men because it is set in the early 1800s south. We don’t have to have a gay, black or woman character in every movie, book, game or other media piece. Would it be nice? Sure, equality all around (/sarcasm). Not really. If that is the goal then you are missing the point. You are creating an answer to a problem that doesn’t exist.

This is the official Legacy Game Mastering company line:

“We will game, employ, work in conjunction with or otherwise treat with respect anyone of any sexual orientation, religious persuasion, racial makeup or any other indentifer. We hold people should be respected until they show a reason to not be trusted, worked with or otherwise avoided. All people are just PEOPLE. They are not what they identify as. We will strive to ensure that we treat people in this manner, despite any personal opinions on the matter. OUR PERSONAL OPINIONS WILL NOT DRIVE COMPANY POLICY.” 

Okay guys, rant over! Remember the golden rule here is Wheaton’s Law: “Don’t be a dick!”


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