GM Burnout


So GM Burnout happens to all of us. We go for long periods behind the screen and have plenty to do when we get in these situations. How does on know that he/she is burned out? I have five simple ways:

1.) Prep gets to be work: You no longer feel the desire to prep. It starts to feel like you are doing a job rather than enjoying a hobby. Gaming should never feel like you are working.

2.)Players begin to grate on you: Your players start to grate on you. Most times the DM/GM gets along well with the players in his/her group. In the case of burnout, you find yourself being irritated by the players in spite of yourself. They don’t really do anything to make you mad, but you find yourself angry all the same.

3.)You need to take a break: You feel like you need to step away from the screen for a while. The players, the game itself and the hobby seem to lose what made them special in the first place. You have to take a step back sometimes to really see what is going on.

4.)You can’t focus on the game: You lose all focus. You can also lose interest at this point as well. That often leads to losing focus.

5.)You find yourself easily tired while GMing: You get fatigued just by playing the game. It isn’t that the game is boring, it is that you are just tired.

What signs do you see when you feel “burnout”? Do you think I hit the nail on the head or am I off base? As always, follow Wheaton’s law, don’t be a dick.


One thought on “GM Burnout

  1. 100% correct, dead-on-balls-accurate. Unfortunately, for some of us, it takes a longer time than we would like it to, to recover from burnout.

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