Support Your FLGS!


I think the title says it all! I am a huge supporter of supporting your FLGS and try to buy everything I can from mine (we have a few, but everyone here knows there is only 1 good one!). I have, on occasion, picked up stuff from Amazon (like the 5e books, which I saved a total of $45 on for all three), but in general this is OOP books. Your FLGS is the first point of contact for gamers across the board (no pun intended). They run events, sell your equipment and even allow you (most times) to advertise your games! Without your FLGS, the community would have a much harder time staying connected. I wonder how many people went to their FLGS yesterday for Free RPG Day? I know I did (in fact, I ran a game). In the end, this post is just reminding you to thank your FLGS by giving them your business. It doesn’t hurt to give them verbal thanks and good reviews on websites either!

Do you support your FLGS? Why or why not? As always, abide by Wheaton’s law, don’t be a dick.

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