Christmas from Legacy

Christmas Fireplace

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We know it is early, but we are going to be busy for the next couple of weeks and we wanted to wish all of our readers Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and, yes, even a Happy Kwanzaa! Whatever you choose to celebrate, and however you choose to do so, we wish you the best. We have had a long and hard year here at Legacy, even though lots of it has been behind the scenes, and we hope that next year will help us grow. We can’t do that without you!

We know that gaming is a big part of many lives (we give it as gifts, we get it as gifts, and we love to play!) and we want to help people keep it that way. Tell us some of your stories from the past year. What was good, bad or ugly?

As always guys, we also want people to know that if you have anything that you need to say, say it in a constructive manner. Don’t be a dick.


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