Legacy: New Year and Year in Review


We have reached the end of another year (only the second here at Legacy!) and we have some things we want to look back at, and some things we want to talk about for the future. We should start at the past:

Legacy has done a few awesome things this year! We have had a couple of moments that we wish we could have back. We have published a handful of supplements. We have started development on a few more. The best news is that we have grown, even if by a little bit!

Of course, none of this could be done without you guys, our loyal readers. The following is a list of things that Legacy has done, and how it has worked out:

  1. We grew from around 5,000 views last year to about 9,000 this year. This is a 55% increase, and we thank you! We appreciate the dedication that you have to reading our articles and to ensuring that there is a conversation.
  2. We published the “5e Psionics Handbook”. This was well received at first. It dropped off once WotC announced their “Mystic” class. I was disappointed, as was the rest of Legacy. That was a lot of work to convert and we spent a lot of energy getting it into your hands. That being said, that is the price of being in this industry.
  3. We published “Over the Top”, a Leverage RPG supplement. It was not well received, but that is more due to the nature of the game rather than a condemnation of the book. We look forward to building more products in the future for MWP.
  4. We started working on a 5e conversion for the world of Terry Brook’s Shannara. It is incomplete as of now, but it was generally well taken to, when we showed the work in progress to particular people.
  5. We have started working on the Podcast, even though we have had a few months of hard times hitting us. We missed November and December due to technical issues. We do hope to be back up and running no later than the 5th of January.
  6. We have expanded our contacts within the industry. We have made contact with Bully Pulpit Games, Crucifixion Games and Pinnacle Entertainment. We have also contacted MWP and a few other companies without success as of now.
  7. We started the YouTube channel! It has not been wildly popular with everyone, but we have a steady stream. We have launched live play events, commentary, a guide to A Song of Ice and Fire RPG and a video doing a full review of the system. We don’t mind that we don’t get 100,000 views per video. It is more important to have good videos, even if we only have two views.

That about covers the year in review! We had a good year, if I may say so myself. We also had some hard spots (mostly technical issues) and are working to fix those in the year to come. Hope that you enjoyed what we did get out, and hope that you stick around for the next year. This will include:

  1. Shannara 5th Edition. Same as Planescape, we hope to have the Alpha ready to go in Q1 of 2016. I hope to have the full game done by no later than Q1 2017.
  2. Steady buildup of podcast. We love the podcast, but we needed to work through some technical issues. These, we think, have been solved. We hope to be back at it in January 2016.
  3. YouTube channel growth. We want to add more live play events and even more commentary. We want to add more subscribers, but we also want to produce valuable videos. That may mean that we don’t grow in the way we want.
  4. Website. We wish to have the website up and running no later than Q2 of this year. We hope to have a shop and a donation button.
  5. Gamers-Helping-Gamers. This is something that is a brain-child of mine from the start. I want to help gamers who are in hard times. This is going to be a fund that we use to help those who find themselves in hard times. We are tired of seeing gamers with medical bills, emergencies, burned down homes or just being out of luck.
  6. Blog growth. This is not just a numbers game. I want to add other authors on the blog, so that we are not the only ones writing. We also, of course, want our numbers to get bigger.
  7. Launching a monetization process. We want Legacy to begin to bring in money. We are not going to charge for games, or for advice, and we will launch a couple of different ways to do this.
  8. Grow our contacts in the industry. We want to get into contact with more companies, and more game designers. We want them to be able to work with us on projects, interviews, and even advice. This is something that we need help with.
  9. Publish more supplements. We want to keep publishing supplements for games. This is not just for 5e, but for Leverage, Firefly, FFG Star Wars and others. We always welcome people who want to work with us on getting their products out there.

Guys, we care a lot about Legacy. It is our baby, and we want to see it grow. We want to provide you with quality products. We want to see gaming grow. Tell us what you think, and as always don’t be a dick.


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