Books We Discovered This Year


So we are here again with yet another list. This time we decided to go through the book series that we discovered in 2015, and books we think everyone should read in 2016! Without further ado, here we go:

1.) The Mistborn Trilogy (Brandon Sanderson): Yes, we know there are more than the three books now, but the trilogy is where to start. Sanderson does a great job telling his stories, and stakes himself out as more than just the guy who wrote the end of Wheel of Time.

2.) New Jedi Order (Star Wars) (Various Authors): This is an epic piece of the Star Wars EU, before Disney decided it needed to be cancelled. It involves the invasion of the galaxy by an extragalatic threat and is the darkest series in the entire EU. It is also considered to be one of the more divisive series ever done. Well worth reading at least “Vector Prime” to judge for yourself.

3.) Dragonlance Chronicles (Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman): I cheated here, because I have read them like ten times. I got around to rereading them this year and rediscovered why I love them so much. Weis and Hickman tell a wonderful story that is only the start of a grand epic.

4.) Dresden Files (Jim Butcher): Another series I got around to rereading this year. It is worth the time you will spend reading all 16 books (including Side Jobs). It isn’t finished yet, so there is so much more to be excited about.

5.) Vampire Earth (EE Knight): This series was a good find for me. It is a military adventure series that is set in the near future. Knight does a good job and the characters are believable. I wouldn’t suggest it if you are not interested in military action.

6.) Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Rick Riordan): Another series that is older, but I just discovered it. Riordan does a superb job in this series, and all of the other series that he has done. This is where he broke out and is the best place to start.

7.)Redwall (Brian Jacques): An old series that wasn’t finished until 2010 when Jacques died. It uses animals as the heroes but is a fun series. It was written to appeal to youth, but is a lot like Percy Jackson or Harry Potter in that it finds a common ground with adults as well. It is, however, a bit on the longer side at 22 books.

8.) The Unincorporated Man (Dani & Eytan Kollin): This is a rare find. It is a few years old, but it is a cool twist on sci-fi. It is a political discourse that is very libertarian. If you can look past the politics of it, the story is good, the characters are deep and the world is awesome.

9.) Night Angel (Brent Weeks): Weeks does some of the best action scenes in all of fantasy, and it stands out here. This trilogy is amazing, with good writing throughout. Worth checking out if you are looking for someone who isn’t on everyone’s radar already.

10.) The Drizzt Saga (R.A. Salvatore): Another old series, but the books he added this year are some of his best. This is capped off by “The Archmage”. It is worth going back and starting at Homeland and going though, if you can.

What books did you read this year? What would you suggest we pick up? As always guys, don’t be a dick.


One thought on “Books We Discovered This Year

  1. The Chronicles of the Black Company by Glen Cook is a fantasy series of 10 books, that were written over approximately twenty years. It’s about a mercenary company that is not always on the “good” side. The series also comes to a definite conclusion.

    Guardians of the Flame by Joel Rosenberg -a very entertaining and lighter read. It’s a fantasy series about a group of gamers sent to a fantasy world.

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