New Year, New Games?

Hello guys and gals, welcome to my madness for the next year. More specifically my madness for what games we want to run next year. I have a slate of games that I want to run with Legacy, and I know that there are going to be many more. This is my favorite thing to do, list out the games and see where my ideas go. So without further ado, here are my top ten games I want to run in 2016:

1.) Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 2nd Edition “Warpstone Blight”— A Skaven blight is coming. They have been hoarding the warpstone needed to cause a massive disease for the last six months. You are one of the Skaven tasked with finding the final materials to create the havoc. Can you finish the job?

2.) Star Trek: The Next Generation “Where No Man Has Gone”–A distress signal has come from Risus III and the USS Victory has been dispatched. Upon arriving it is discovered that the Romulans have sent a ship as well. Once on the planet the away team must find the source of the signal while avoiding the Romulan patrol.

3.) Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium “The Water Running”–Your house has been sent to Arrakis to help prepare for Duke Leto. While there you must dodge assassins, the Water Sellers and the Imperial family. Can you make the preparations or will you fail?

4.) Star*Drive “The World Drive”–An abandoned base, a mysterious note and a rumored weapon. These are the keys that will drive you to the world of Drakken. You must investigate the base and report on what is there. The only problem: You aren’t suppose to escape alive.

5.) Dark Matter “A Black Night”–The Bureau has dispatched you to North Finchsberg, Iowa. People have been disappearing with an alarming frequency. The only clue is a black ash-like substance left behind. Can you unwind this mystery?

6.) Arcanis: World of Shattered Empires “Mountains of Men”–A Ss’ressen warrior finds his way to your camp, mortally wounded. He is marked by a strange rune, one that doesn’t have any meaning to you. He mumbles something about “moving mountains”, then he dies. He has a note on him, one to the Imperial capital, asking for assistance. Should you deliver the note or should you figure out what he is talking about?

7.) Fireborn “Welts of the Past”–The scions have been discovered by the population. They have been exposed. Who did this? How did they get the people to believe?

8.) The One Ring “Beyond the Mountains of Mist”–The King Under the Mountain needs help. He must run a newly crafted item to the Rohirrim. He has called on you. The journey will be long and dangerous, but you can complete it, or can you?

9.) Dragon Age “The Wetwood”–The woods around the Dalish grove have become haunted. You are summoned to deal with the problem. You must slay the great Revenant to free the spirits he has gained control over.

10.)D&D 5e “Ravenloft: World between Worlds”–The mists have summoned  you to the Domains of Dread. You are stuck in a permanent nightmare. Can you find your way home, or are you lost forever?

Tell us what you think, and as always don’t be a dick!


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