Changes in Comments Policy


Guys and gals, I have had to delete our first comment from a Youtube video. This comment, without naming names, was condescending, assuming, vile, and downright nasty. That being said, we here are Legacy desire to hear from you. We always have. There is a far cry between being constructive and being a jackass.

All of this being said, if you think you can do the job that we do here better than us, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Our blog post, videos, podcast, and Facebook post are not the place for you to launch your vile comments. If your whole intent is to tell us how stupid we are, how we don’t understand GMing (we have many years under our belts here), we have never played game “X”, or why we just don’t get it, don’t bother posting. If you intend to bring something to the debate or the conversation such as something we missed, another game we could try, or even why your experience is different than ours, we welcome your comments.

We, sadly, are going to start to have to rule this blog/Youtube/Facebook with an iron fist. We will no longer be allowing post that are posted in a spirit of negativity. This is because it both demeans the poster and the person being targeted (mostly the author of the piece). It is also because, as our esteemed Youtube comment maker doesn’t get, the only opinion that we have to respect is our own. We choose to respect yours.

We have had some amazing conversations on this blog, and through the Facebook post that often go with them. We want to be able to continue these. We hope that you understand, and we wish you the best in gaming in the future.


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