Our Top 50 Games–Part II


We started our list the other day, and now without further ado, here is #39-30:

#39: Behind Enemy Lines (FASA)– This is another oldie, but goodie. I often wonder how many people have even heard of it. It is a World War II RPG, and is set in actual history. Players play troopers in the European front, running missions against the Germans. They did a handful of sourcebooks, and they were all well done.

#38: Serenity (MWP)– I love the world and setting, but the original CORTEX engine felt clunky on this vehicle. The game is still really fun, but the updated Firefly RPG is much better. The system works well, and the creation process is fun. Overall, this game is well worth it, if for nothing else than to use in another ruleset.

#37: Gamma World (WotC)– This 4th edition hack is really fun, but suffers from the same problem as the rest of 4th ed D&D, it is too much like an MMO or war game. It captured the feel of the original Gamma World, and did a great job translating that for new gamers.

#36: Promethean: The Created (White Wolf)– Of all the nWoD games, this is the one that really captured me. The other ones seemed like they discarded good for bad (personal opinion, so don’t shoot me!). I love the story behind this one, and really loved the way that it actually had an ending.

#35: Alien Fuzion (Indie/Free–Serena Dawn Spaceport)– This game is a great free game! It does a good job of communicating the Alien universe with a rich description of it. It also follows on a good ruleset that can be highly cinematic. The only problem with it is the length of time it takes to create a character (which is emblematic of all of Fuzion).

#34: Changeling: The Lost (White Wolf)– Another nWoD entry, one that fixed one of the few “terrible” oWoD games. The original felt childish and small, the new game feels dark and gritty. It still suffers from the inherent flaws in the nWoD.

#33: Star*Drive (TSR)– This is not a “game” per se. It is instead a setting, but the settings are so different in Alternity that they function as totally different games. This is the traditional Space Opera game, and I love it. The base system is awkward for those who are newer to RPGs (lower is better).

#32: Mechwarrior (FASA)– The companion game to Mechwarrior was a lot of fun, but also featured a system that wasn’t as fleshed out as it could have been. I loved the espionage parts of the game, and the feel of the fluff, but in the end it just didn’t feel right. They did a new edition that is supposed to be really well done, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

#31: Marvel Heroic Role Playing (MWP)– This game was a lot of fun, and had some great materials printed for it. The “Event Books” were a great idea, but never really caught on. The system did not have good rules for creating your own super hero, and that is the biggest downfall of the game.

#30: Pendragon (Nocturnal)– Arthurian legend comes to life in this game, and it is super detailed. The system is fairly well done (Greg Stafford is a great designer), and the characters are well developed. It does take a lot to learn the way that the game runs, but once you get a feel for it then it becomes second nature. The generational play is great, and the “one adventure per year” concept is cool. It does have some details that seem out of place in a RPG.

So there is #39-30. Stay tuned for #29-20!


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