Our Top 50 Games: Part IV


Guys we are getting to the nitty gritty, the Top 20! So here we go:

#20: Unknown Armies (Atlas Games)– Another great game that is about dark and mature themes. It has a fun arraignment of player types and great fluff. It does have some issues with organization.

#19: Necessary Evil (Great White Games)– This is a fun supers game, with a twist! Each player is playing a super villain who has taken the role of hero to chase away the alien invasion of earth. It uses the Savage Worlds base rules, so it is really basic and good. It does need an update, and it is rumored that it is happening.

#18: Tales of the Floating Vagabond (Avalon Hill)– Wow, this is one outta the hat. Think “The Hitchhiker’s Guide” in an RPG. It centers around a interdimensional bar called “The Floating Vagabond”, and the adventures are wild. The system is very much early 90s, but don’t take that as a bad thing.

#17: Wheel of Time (WotC)– Another game from the glut of d20 games, but one that I actually like. I love the Wheel of Time series of novels, and the game does a fairly good job of emulating. This is another game that would do well in its own system.

#16: Marvel Super Heroes (TSR)– I love supers games, and this was my first foray. The FASERIP system is fun, if not a microcosm of the 80s. The creation process was totally random (by RAW), which really put a damper on the game. Overall, I would love to go back and play this more!

#15: Returners Final Fantasy RPG 3rd Edition (Returners/Indie)– This game is another free game (that can be found) that does a great job. I love the way the game plays (a % system for skills), and the creation is really rich. The job system does suffer from an inability to switch between them, but overall the game has a great feel.

#14: Desolation (Greymalkin Designs)– This game is super fun, and really unique. The die mechanic is cool: it only has two results, pass fail. You roll any die you want, and if it comes up even it is a success, if you roll odd, a failure. Simple! The world is awesome, and who doesn’t want to play a game where other PCs have a “nutrition value”?

#13: Shadowrun 5th Edition (Catalyst Labs)– Shadowrun has been through alot in the years it has been around. The first three editions has plenty of bugs (that got fixed with 4th), but they were still extra playable. 5th fixes a ton of these, and it streamlines a lot of the errors in 4th. It also embraces the Priority System for creation.

#12: Iron Kingdoms RPG (Privateer Press)– I love this game too. It has a system that is natural to use (2d6+skill), even if the damage system can be wonky. The world is awesome, and super deep to boot. The only issue with the core is that there is not a ton of support for monsters and enemies. That gets fixed with the Monsternomicon.

#11: Dragon Age (Green Ronin)– If you love the series of video games then you will love the tabletop game. Very simple to learn, and really flexible. The game does a good job making Dragon Age feel like it always belonged on a tabletop.

There we go guys, the next post will be our Top Ten!


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