Meet Legacy: Kyle Hood


Guys, we do a lot of talking here about gaming, but I have wanted to introduce the people behind all of that talk. The first part of dealing with any person or group is knowing them. So, without further ado, here is the first half of Legacy:

My name is Kyle, and I have been gaming for around 22 years. I started gaming when I was 9 years old at a friends house. His brother was the DM. I remember that I played a True Neutral Half-Elf Ranger. That was not the best game I have ever been in, but it got me hooked.

I was born in Gulfport, MS on March 7th, 1985. We left and moved to Asheville NC in 1990, and I have been here for most of the next 26 years. I had a rather unexceptional childhood. It had its ups and downs, like anyone else. I have three siblings (two sisters and a brother), none of who were into RPGs. I am the youngest of the four kids. We grew up as what most people would call “working poor”.

My home was very deeply religious. My father worked as an outside salesman during the week and did music for the Church on the weekends. My mother worked as a customer service agent for Telecom companies. We spent every Sunday morning, evening, and Weds night at church. We did everything with the church. We went to the camps, we did the “lock-ins”, we did the Church softball thing, and everything in between.

I joined the Air Force at 19 as a Security Forces Airman. I spent around a year in the service before I was medically discharged. I came home and bummed around for a bit, finally deciding to go back to school for IT. I worked as a help desk analyst for three years. I stopped working in IT and decided to go back to school for law. I am currently 75% done with my degree for pre-law.

I have a very deep respect for my religion, and I still practice my faith. I am very active in my church community, and in my local gaming community. I run live games, play in tournaments, and generally goof off with the guys at my FLGS. In my free time I write supplements, adventures, and design a lot of the background for Legacy.

I started Legacy back in May of 2014 as an outlet for my frustrations with the gaming advice columns I was reading. It has ballooned out from there, into what we have today (no matter how small that is, it is much larger than in May of 2014). As Legacy grew, the other half of the company joined in sometime in early 2015 (around Jan or Feb).

I hope that you now know me better than before. Feel free to ask me questions, but make sure to keep them relevant and respectful. As always, don’t be a dick.


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