MACE West Update


Well ladies and gentlemen, we have made it through MACE West (or at least the games we are going to run!). We ran Dresden Files last night. This morning we ran Dragon Age, and this afternoon we ran A Song of Ice and Fire.

First: Dresden Files– The Cold Knight

The group seemed to have a good time, and we enjoyed the story. The players got engrossed in engaging the storyline, which is always a plus. Finding out  that the Winter Knight had been turned into a Malk by the Winter Lady was a twist that they didn’t see coming. Overall, I enjoyed running the game and the players seemed to enjoy themselves!

Second: Dragon Age–Grave of the Darkspawn

The group was having a lot of fun with this one. They did blow through it in about 2 hours. This is not their fault. I should have prepped more, just in case. The playtest group took about 3-4 hours to pull it off, and I expected similar behaviors here. I didn’t get that same dynamic. The result was a much shorter game that I had intended. The players, yet again, seemed to enjoy this one as well.

Last: A Song of Ice and Fire — Pennies and Dragons

This game was a surprise. I only had two pre-registrations for it, but wound up with five at the table. The game went much longer than the other two (by about an hour). The group seemed really into the story, and engaged with the world. Everyone got a chance to shine a little. They all liked the game, and were having fun.

Next Note: We have made contact with several groups or individuals at MACE that we are proud to try and introduce to you.

First is the group that is producing “Hull Breach”. These are some genuinely good people. They come from all over, and one of the designers is a First Sgt with the US Army out of Ft. Bragg. They have a new kickstarter (  that we would love for you to check out! Also check out the website at

Second is Mythoard. They are an RPG based Subscription service in the same vein as Loot Crate. They are old school gamers at heart, and their product shows this. We would love if you would consider checking them out at

Last is Mike Yow. Mike is a designer based right here in Asheville. He created a sword and sorcery style game called Savage Kingdoms. It is based on Conan and other tales like it. Looks like a great system, and you can check him out at


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