Free RPG Day Live Blog

Hey guys and gals,


Here we are at my local FLGS, getting ready to run through “The Derelict”, an adventure for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition. We intend to keep you up to date with adventure information, game information, and general fun! Watch this page for more updates throughout the day.

UPDATE 11:50 am: The Delilah is a 95 foot motor yacht accommodating up to 10 people in luxury. It cruises at 20 knots with a max speed of 22 knots. This is the ship that the PC investigators will start on.

UPDATE 12 pm: Starting the adventure here in a few minutes. Have 4 players at the table, and am ready to see how everything goes. Will give you periodic updates as the game progresses. Let’s see how many investigators I can send crazy or kill!

UPDATE 12:27 pm: Game started. The group has just loaded onto the Groenland Tropisch.

UPDATE 12:43 pm: Group has found a severed hand and drag marks next to blood that was frozen. First reaction was “What the fuck was that!?”

UPDATE 13:13: Players have found a room that looks like a Jackson Pollard painting made of blood.

UPDATE 13:47: Found the body of Thorolf Lofgren. Of course they are more confused than before they found the body.

UPDATE 14:02: Radio room and wheelhouse have been found destroyed. Group wants to go back to their ship. Let’s see what happens!

UPDATE 14:15: One dead crew member later, the crew is going back to the Delilah to find out what is going on.

UPDATE 14:34: Fighting the Sciapod.

UPDATE 14:46: Killed my first investigator! Eaten alive by the Sciapod!

UPDATE 14:52: Going fishing for a Cthluhu mythos creature by using  a corpse and a crane!

UPDATE 15:00: They beat it! Good job from the players. Paul Maplesden, Alan and Jo Gratz, Jonanthan Cook.

UPDATE 17:00: Playing Savage Kingdoms, run by Bobby Ray.

UPDATE 17:26: Fight between two PCs. One of them is choking out the other.

UPDATE 17:44: “You are not getting a camel based on what happened last time.”

UPDATE 18:11: Fight with bandits! Skewer them in the face, and the line “Had fertilizer been spilled here lately?”

UPDATE 18:24: Where there was once white fur, there is red.

UPDATE 18:45: Help! Help! I’m being repressed!
Had a player treating the gentry like dirt and made me think of that line.

UPDATE 19:23: Shot an enemy with a blow dart with a 54 on the dice. One massive shot in the face later, and a poison dart, and we have one less captain of the enemy “guard”. tumblr_mcwb1ro5Hq1r7bjavo1_500

UPDATE 19:56: One of the players rolled to kill someone with his claws and made the to-hit at 42. Nothing like snuffing out someone on the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything!

UPDATE 20:11: Bobby is simply mad about the 54 earlier.

UPDATE 20:52: In the final combat!

UPDATE 22:16: Game day is completed. Great day, and great people. Thanks to everyone who played in, and with, me in both games!






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