Fortune Points and Experience

98663d8c861d03ec4aa762f5eb75eb74-d58ete7Here are the rules for Fortune Points in this campaign:

Earning Fortune Points:

Writing a letter home: 1 Point
Writing a piece of history: 1 Point
Creating a new NPC: 1 Point
Running a Game of your Own: 1 Points
Giving a backstory to your character: 1 point

Spending Fortunes:

Buy a new spell between stories: 1 point/Mastery
Buying a new Kiho/Kata: 1 point/Point of XP


Fortunes may be traded in at any time during game play on the character’s action.
Spend one Fortune to perform any of the following:

  • Cause another character or NPC to critically fail a skill.
  • Cause another character or NPC to critically succeed a skill.
  • Negate one disadvantage until the end of a scene.
  • Free Raise
  • Target recovers 2 Void Points
  • GM hint/suggestion (especially useful when thinking of gifts or how to word them)
  • Target may spend as many Void Points as they want/have per turn until end of scene. (Normally limited to 1 per turn)

Spend two Fortunes to gain the following bonus:

  • Target survives with one life point when something happens that kills them.
  • Gain an access to an otherwise restricted court or area.

Spend five Fortunes to gain a loyal follower or ally, this person may or may not adventure with you depending on the request. All followers start with low skill in their fields and can be improved with an additional five Fortunes. This shows that you have spent some of your good fortune to improve the lives of your followers (This also grants you higher loyalty from them). Allies cannot be improved as they are targets of their own fortune (though you can help them in Role Play)
Example of followers:

  • Doctor
  • Messenger
  • Spy
  • Chronicler
  • Lover/Geisha
  • Eta
  • Craftsman
  • Official
  • One Elite Guard
  • Five Inexperienced Guards for property

Example of allies, allies can come from any clan and can be past NPC’s encountered if you desire:

  • Bushi
  • Shugenja
  • Courtier
  • Monk


Here is the standard XP advancements: